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Landscape and Green Belt studies

A number of landscape studies have been undertaken and are available below:

  • Landscape, Local Green Space and Heritage Impact Study (2016)
  • Landscape and Settlement Character Assessments (LSCA) for the towns and larger villages (2008)
  • A separate landscape study for the Churnet Valley (2010)
  • A historic environmental character assessment (2010)
  • A Wind Turbine Landscape Sensitivity Study (Jan 2015)
  • A Green Belt Review (Nov 2015)


Landscape, Local Green Space and Heritage Impact Study [6MB]
Landscape, Local Green Space and Heritage Impact Study maps [11MB]

Landscape, Local Green Space and Heritage Impact Study - Assessment of Additional Sites (October 2017) [4MB]

Landscape Character Assessment and maps

Landscape and Settlement Character Assessment (LSCA) 2008 - Main Report [1MB]
LCSA - Alton and Bagnall [3MB]
LCSA - Biddulph and Biddulph Moor [8MB]
LCSA - Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook, and Brown Edge [4MB]
LCSA - Caverswall and Cookshill, and Cheadle [8MB]
LCSA - Cheddleton and Endon [6MB]
LSCA - Ipstones and Kingsley [3MB]
LCSA - Leek [8MB]
LCSA - Oakamoor and Upper Tean [4MB]
LCSA - Waterhouses and Werrington [4MB]
LCSA - Wetley Rocks [1MB]

Churnet Valley 

Churnet Valley Landscape Character Assessment 2011 [7MB]
Churnet Valley Plans - Dissected sandstone uplands [13MB]
Churnet Valley Plans - Sandstone highland fringe [16MB]
Churnet Valley Plans - Ancient slope and farmlands [15MB]
Churnet Valley Plans - Gritstone highland fringe [4MB]

Historical Environmental Character Assessment

Staffordshire Landscape Character Areas SPG [17MB]
Historic Environment Character Assessment August 2010 - Appendices 1 and 2 [15MB]
Historic Environment Character Assessment Appendices 3,4,5 and 6 [17MB]
Historic Environment Character Assessment Appendices 7 & 8 [7MB]

Wind turbines

Wind Turbine Landscape Sensitivity study 2015 [12MB]

Green Belt review

The Green Belt review study has been produced as part of the Local Plan evidence base for us to review the Green belt across the District.  The study was undertaken by Amec Foster Wheeler in November 2015, with additional sites assessed in September 2016 and April 2017.

Additional Site Assessment April 2017 [1MB]

Green Belt Review Study [18MB]
Green Belt Review - Appendix B [2MB]
APPENDIX C Cheddleton - Kingsley [11MB]
APPENDIX C Leek - Rushton Spencer [6MB]
APPENDIX C Stockton Brook - Wetley Rocks [6MB]
Additional Site Assessment September 2016 [4MB]

Appendix C - Bagnall to Blythe Bridge & Forsbrook [11MB]

Appendix C - Brown Edge to Cheadle [10MB]