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Environmental studies

Renewable energy and climate change

The CAMCO Renewable / Low carbon Energy Study looks at the technical potential and viability of renewable and low carbon options across Staffordshire.

CAMCO Staffordshire County Wide Renewable / Low Carbon Energy Study (June 2010) [6MB]
District Climate Change Vulnerability Maps [3MB]
Staffordshire Development Specific Sustainable Energy Strategies - Worked examples (CAMCO) [1MB]
Wind Turbine Landscape Sensitivity Study (Jan 2015) [12MB]
Wind Energy Queries Briefing Note (CAMCO) [49KB]
Guidance note for Wind Turbine Applications [3MB]

Strategic flood risk assessment

The Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) assesses and maps all forms of flood risk from groundwater, surface water, sewer and river sources. This also takes into account future climate change predictions.

Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) - Final report (Oct 2015) [1MB]
Figure B1 Potential Development Site Locations Overview [8MB]
Figure B1a Potential Development Site Locations [8MB]
Figure B1b Potential Development Site Locations [8MB]
Figure B1c Potential Development Site Locations [9MB]
Figure B1d Potential Development Site Locations [8MB]
Figure B1e Potential Development Site Locations [7MB]
Figure B1f Potential Development Site Locations [8MB]
Figure B2 Topography [6MB]
Figure B3 Surface Waterbodies [9MB]
Figure B4 Sewer & Artificial Flood Events [8MB]
Figure B5a Aquifer Designation Map - Bedrock Geology [8MB]
Figure B5b Aquifer Designation Map -Superficial Deposits [8MB]
Figure B6 Fluvial Flood Zones Overview [7MB]
Figure B6a Fluvial Flood Zones [7MB]
Figure B6b Fluvial Flood Zones [8MB]
Figure B6c Fluvial Flood Zones [7MB]
Figure B6d Fluvial Flood Zones [7MB]
Figure B6e Fluvial Flood Zones [7MB]
Figure B6f Fluvial Flood Zones [7MB]
Figure B7 uFMfSW Overview [9MB]
Figure B8 AStGWF [7MB]
Figure B9 GW Vulnerability & SPZ [8MB]
Figure B10 Sewer Flooding Incidents [8MB]
Figure B11 Flood Warning & Alert Areas [8MB]

Habitats Regulations Assessment

A Habitats Regulations Assessment of the Local Plan is being prepared to assess the significance of any potential impacts of the plan on sites designated for nature conservation under European legislation.

Habitat Regulations Assessment - Submission Version Local Plan Feb 2018 [13MB]

Habitats Regulations Assessment [4MB]