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Brown bin

Brown bin collections have been suspended over Christmas and New Year. The last collection will be on Friday 22 December 2023 and they will restart on Monday 8 January 2024.

Please continue to use the brown bin during the festive period.

Use this bin to recycle food and garden plant waste

We can only compost...

Cooked and uncooked food waste (make sure all food waste is taken out of it's packaging)
Fruit and vegetable peelings
Meat, fish and bones
Dead flowers
Grass and hedge cuttings
Weeds (not Japanese Knotweed or Ragwort)
Leaves and windfall fruit
Real Christmas trees (make sure you remove all decorations and the base!)

We can't compost...

Plastic bags, flower pots or any other plastic items
Glass, metal, plastic or cardboard
Cat or dog litter and faeces
Painted or treated wood
Vacuum dust or fire cinders
Soil, stones or rubble
Himalayan Balsam - Find out more on how to identify, control and dispose of invasive non-native plants that can harm the environment.
Any type of animal waste


  • remove all food waste from its packaging
  • if you use caddy liners make sure they meet the EN13432 standard and show the compostable "seed" logo.

Too much for one bin?

You can buy compostable sacks to use at times you have too much garden waste to fit into your brown bin, or you can buy up tp 3 additional brown bins, check out our additional garden waste page for more information.