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Running clubs

Brough Park Running Club, Leek

Brough Park Running Club hold a running event in Brough Park in Leek at 9am on Saturday mornings.
The "couch to 5km" runs are suitable for all abilities and ages with distances of 1.5km, 2.2km, 3.6km and 5km. 

Visit the  Brough Park Running Club website for more information or to register to run. 


Cheadle Running Club, Cheadle

Cheadle running club run from South Moorlands Leisure Centre and meet on Wednesdays at 6.30pm and Sundays at 9am.

Not all members race, some just run for fitness, to lose weight or as a fun leisure activity.

There are people at all different levels of ability, from just about fit to the superfit, twenty something to seventy something.

Recent "couch to 5km" training sessions have been well received.
Some, unable to run for a minute at the start, successfully completed the 5km in around 30 minutes - a great achievement!

Visit the  Cheadle Running Club website for more information.