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Where the decision is likely to have an impact on the general public, a special consultation process is held to gather the views of the community. The consultation may take the form of a questionnaire, public meetings, exhibitions, posters or all of these, depending on the issue.

We regularly carry out consultation exercises before taking decisions on council services and strategies - here you can find out information on current consultations.

A direct feedback form is included in each consultation.

You can also view consultations by Staffordshire County Council online.

Foxt - Proposed Conservation Area and Character Appraisal

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council is proposing to designate a conservation area around the centre of Foxt and its wider landscape setting. The justification for its designation is set out in the accompanying draft Character Appraisal.

We would welcome your views on the proposed boundary and draft Character Appraisal. Please comment by 5pm on the 2nd February 2018.

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