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Air quality

Air Quality

Many people are concerned about pollution in the air that they breathe and with very good reason, clean air is essential for health and helps to make Staffordshire Moorlands a pleasant place to live.

There are many contributing factors to air pollution across the Staffordshire Moorlands. The main pollutant of concern is nitrogen dioxide by far the largest contributor to this is road transport in many towns and cities.

Air quality in our area 

We regularly monitor air quality across our areas and we know there are some places with higher pollution levels than others. All local authorities in the UK review and assess air quality in their area against the local air quality objectives.  If any standards are unlikely to be met by the required date, then that area should be designated an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) and prepare an Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) setting out measures to reduce air pollutants.

The main pollutant of concern in our region is nitrogen dioxide as a result of emissions from road traffic. In the majority of areas, levels of nitrogen dioxide are below the air quality objectives.

The latest local air quality assessment and results of our local nitrogen dioxide monitoring are available here. [2MB]

Concerns about air quality

We will investigate any complaints about air pollution, including the emission of:

  • smoke
  • fumes
  • odours

We can all help

Due to the main source of air pollution within SMDC being transport sources, one of the easiest ways for the public to get involved in aiding air quality improvements consider alternatives modes of travel, or car sharing.

Air Aware

SMDC are currently involved in the Air Aware project in collaboration with the County Council and neighbouring Staffordshire Authorities.  Part of the project has been the development of the air aware website, which contains lots of resources showing how you can help with air quality.

Smoke Control

In the Staffordshire Moorlands, smoke control areas have been designated in Leek, Biddulph, Brown Edge and Cheadle.

In a Smoke Control Area you need to make sure that your appliance is exempt or the fuel you use is included in the list of authorised fuels otherwise you could be fined.

To find out if you are in a Smoke Control Area, for guidance on appliances or fuels or for links to tips on reducing costs, improving safety and reducing air pollution from open fires or woodburning stoves please visit our smoke control webpage.