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Information on placing a memorial on a grave

Memorial guidelines are provided in our cemetery regulations [133KB] .

How much does a memorial permit cost?

Cemetery fees from 1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020 [32KB]

Memorial Safety

Your memorial should be insured and checked at least every five years by a professional memorial mason.  It is important you keep us informed if you change address as we regularly test memorials for safety and will contact you if work is needed. 

As a grave owner it is your responsibility to repair any defects to your memorial as soon as possible. If we cannot contact you we will lie down or support memorials in disrepair.

Memorial Safety Inspections

We regularly test memorials in our cemeteries and closed churchyards to ensure they are safe. 
The lists below show memorials in cemeteries and churchyards we have found to be unsafe and are due to carry out work on.

St Anne's churchyard, Brown Edge [25KB]
St Luke's churchyard, Onecote [66KB]

Please contact us immediately if any of the memorials on these lists are your responsibility to maintain. 
If you don't get in touch with us we may lie down or part bury your memorial.

Apply to place a memorial

Applications for a permit to erect, inscribe or replace a memorial are made by the stonemason acting on behalf of the grave owner.  Your chosen stonemason will help you to choose a suitable memorial and assist with the application process.