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Core Strategy

The Core Strategy has now been superseded by the Local Plan which was adopted on 9th September 2020.

The Peak Park Authority have prepared their own Peak District Core Strategy.

Key stages

January 2014 - Examination

On 2 January 2014 we received the final report from the Inspector on the examination of the Staffordshire Moorlands Core Strategy.

Key Documents:

Adopted Core Strategy (March 2014) [12MB]  
Core Strategy Adoption Statement (March 2014) [38KB]
Core Strategy Sustainability Appraisal Report (March 2014) [1MB]
Habitats Regulation Assessment (March 2014) [5MB]
Inspector's Final Report - Core Strategy Examination (Jan 2014) [272KB]
Main modifications to revised submission Core Strategy (Jan 2014) [312KB]
Modified key diagram (Jan 2014) [1MB]  
Modified Cheadle inset map (Jan 2014) [651KB]
Modified Churnet Valley map (Jan 2014) [239KB]

Policies Maps

Town and village development boundaries and other boundaries including the Green Belt (see maps below) from the 1998 Local Plan will remain in force for development management purposes until superseded by the new Local Plan for the District, 2016 - 2031.

Map Key [504KB]
Leek [4MB]
Biddulph (including APP boundary) [1MB]
Cheadle [3MB]
Town centre inset maps [3MB]
Village inset maps (Alton-Whiston) [17MB]
District wide proposals map [5MB]

October 2013 - Inspector's comments and suggested amendments

Following public consultation on main modifications to the Core Strategy the Inspector wrote to us with comments and suggested amendments. 

Inspector's letter (4 Oct 2013) [49KB]  
Inspector's comments on main modifications (4 Oct 2013) [35KB]
Response to the Inspector (10 Oct 2013) [20KB]

June 2013 - Main modifications to the Core Strategy

At the Council Assembly meeting on 4th June 2013 it was agreed that a schedule of main modifications would be published for consultation. This consultation was undertaken between the 24th June and the 5th August 2013.

Revised submission Core Strategy (Dec 2011) [3MB]
Summary of proposed main modifications to revised Core Strategy [126KB]
Main modifications schedule [429KB]
Minor modifications schedule [168KB]
Sustainability appraisal [277KB]
Additional supporting evidence for modifications to policy SS2 'Development Rates' [97KB]

June / July 2012 - National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) consultation

In March 2012, the Government published two important documents which all development plan documents, such as the Core Strategy, should take into account. These are:

All consultees were invited to make further comments in light of this before July 2012. All responses were submitted to the Inspector to be considered as part of the examination of the revised submission Core Strategy.

December 2011 - Revised submission publication

The revised submission Core Strategy was published for representations between 12 December 2011 and 3 February 2012.  All comments received were analysed and considered by us.

At the Council meeting on 25 July 2012 it was agreed to submit the revised submission Core Strategy to the Secretary of State for examination with only minor changes.