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Student / Apprentice discount

If you are a student or an apprentice, you'll be 'disregarded' from paying council tax.

For council tax purposes, certain people such as students, and those on certain apprenticeship schemes, will not be counted when looking at the number of adults living in a property. This may mean that the bill is reduced by 25% depending on who else lives with you.


To qualify you must be either:

a) attending a full time course of further or higher education at a University, College or other educational establishment. The course must last for at least 1 year and involve at least 21 hours attendance per week for at least 24 weeks in the year.


b) under 20 years of age and attending a course which lasts more than 3 calendar months and involves at least 12 hour attendance per week between 8am and 5.30pm.

You will need to ask your college or university for a student certificate (unless you attend Staffs University where this is not needed). You can photograph or scan this and upload it with your application form.

Student nurses

As a student nurse you can get a discount on your council tax bill if you are taking a degree course which, if successfully completed, would lead to employment as a nurse, midwife or health visitor.

How to apply for a discount or exemption

The best way to apply for a discount, is to open an account with us. Once you have an account, you'll be able to track the progress of your application, and receive e-mail updates along the way. You'll also be able to view your council tax account online. If you already have an account with us, you can sign in using the button below too.

To continue without an account, click on the link below. Please note that you will not be able to track the progress of your request if you apply in this way.  


An apprentice will be disregarded if he / she is:

  • employed for the purpose of learning a trade, profession, business, office, employment or vocation
  • undertaking a programme of training leading to an accredited qualification
  • receiving a salary or allowance of less than £195 per week, and
  • that salary or allowance is substantially less than he/she would expect to receive when qualified

How to apply

Download an apprentice discount application form [262KB]

You'll also need to ask your employer to complete an employers certificate, which you can download below.

Employers certificate for apprentices [34KB]