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Types of benches

The type of benches available for purchase from the Council at a cost of £1000 each (inc VAT), are:

Standard SeatRecycled Plastic Seat
Bench - Metal sides wooden lattesRecycled plastic bench

1800mm 'Eastgate' seat with cast-iron ends & hardwood slats.

1800mm Hereford recycled plastic seat 

Bronze or stainless steel plaque with inscription included in cost.Bronze or anodised aluminium plaque with inscription included in cost.

For use in formal parkland situations & urban areas.

For use in more informal parkland situations & rural areas.

In instances where no additional benches are required customers can purchase or adopt a bench through the purchase of a plaque. The charge for adopting an existing bench and purchase of a plaque is £525 (inc. VAT)

Available plaque types:

  • Anodised Aluminium (silver lettering inscribed through black surface), surface mounted onto existing bench slat.
  • Bronze (black enamelled lettering inscribed in bronze) surface mounted onto existing bench slat.
  • Dimensions will vary depending on bench slat size (nominal size 63 x 152mm)
  • Any length of inscription is possible with these plaques, although the recommended limit is 100 characters, ensuring the inscription is readable.