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The Cabinet

The Cabinet is the main decision making group, responsible for implementing the council's policies and budget.

The Cabinet takes decisions collectively, however, Portfolio Holders do have individual delegated powers for certain things.

Meetings normally take place approximately every 8 weeks, depending on business requirements.  The Cabinet is made up of the following members:

The Leader - Councillor Sybil Ralphs MBE

Responsible for:

  • Corporate Plan
  • Financial Strategy
  • Emergency Planning
  • Council's Constitution
  • Council Tax Collection
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Legal Services
  • Civic & Democratic Services
  • Regeneration
  • Arts and Culture


Leisure and Sports - Councillor Mark Deaville (Deputy Leader)

Responsible for:

  • Promotion of culture, inc. children's play, sport & physical exercise
  • Parks, open spaces, countryside and water.
  • Playing Fields
  • Country Parks
  • Leisure Centres

Communities - Councillor Mike Bowen

Responsible for:

  • Licensing
  • Community Safety
  • Tourism
  • Media & Public Relations
  • Partnerships
  • Public Consultation
  • Public Health
  • Housing
  • Community Engagement

Customer Services - Councillor Tony Hall

Responsible for:

  • Access to Council Services
  • Customer Care Standards
  • One Stop Shops
  • Contact Centre
  • ICT Strategy
  • Equalities and Diversity
  • Procurement
  • Democratic Engagement


Climate Change - Councillor Joe Porter

Portfolio Details will be confirmed shortly.

Environment - Councillor Sav Scalise

Responsible for:

  • Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Waste Collection & Recycling
  • Streetcare
  • Environmental Health
  • Land Charges

Planning, Development and Property - Councillor Edwin Wain

Responsible for:

  • Core Strategy
  • Conservation Areas
  • Archaeology, Listed Buildings and Historic Buildings
  • Development Control
  • Building Control
  • Off Street Parking
  • Council property and management
  • Asset Management Plan
  • Enforcement
  • Small Businesses