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Changes to paper collections

The way we collect paper for recycling is changing

Paper is now collected from your grey bin mixed with other items for recycling.

We have put a sticker on your grey bin asking you to put paper in your bin instead of using a plastic bag.

Please put your paper into your grey bin loose with other recyclable items - please don't tie bundles of newspapers with string as this tangles in machinery at the sorting facility.

The following information should answer any queries you might have.

Why are paper collections changing?
We have a new arrangement for sorting material collected for recycling. All materials now go to the same place so don't need to be kept separate. The new sorting facility is much closer so your recycling will travel fewer miles to be processed.

Will the material still be recycled?
Yes; all acceptable items placed in your grey bin will be recycled. Please make sure you check what is acceptable on our collection scheme as not all items can be recycled.

Where will the paper go to be recycled?
As part of these changes material from grey bins will now go to a sorting facility in Shotton on Deeside. After sorting, paper will go by conveyor belt straight into the paper mill on the same site as the sorting facility.

How is the paper separated from other materials?
Materials collected from your grey bin are taken to our depot in Leek before being transported in bulk loads to the sorting facility. Mixed material is loaded onto conveyors to be sorted into individual materials using trommels, magnets, optical sorting machines and final checks by hand before being baled ready for sale on the global market. 

What will the paper be made into?
Newspapers, magazines, leaflets and other high quality paper is made into paper used to print UK newspapers. Lower quality paper, mixed with some cardboard packaging, is sold as mixed fibre to be made into grey board used to make cereal boxes.

What should I do with my clear bag?
Please reuse the bag, perhaps to store recycling inside your house before taking it to the outside bin or to present any extra recycling you have. If you don't want to reuse the bag please put it in your blue lidded bin. 

What should I do if I don't have enough room in my grey bin?
Please squash large cardboard boxes so they take up less room in your bin.
We are all producing more waste than normal while we are in social isolation due to the Coronavirus. When things return to normal later in the year we will monitor collections to see if anyone is struggling with the size of their grey bin.
If you present paper in a bag but there is room in your bin the crew will remove the bag.
If you present paper in a separate bag and your bin is full, the crew will make a note of your address and we will contact you. 

Environmental benefits of mixing paper with other recycling
As well as reducing the miles your recycling travels to be sorted, these changes mean we can reduce the number of vehicles we use. Later this year our vehicles will change from the split back ones we use now to single bodied vehicles, which means we can collect more material in each vehicle and make fewer journeys back to Leek to tip.  Mixing the material also reduces plastic use as bags are no longer needed.

Rural van round
There will be no changes to collections from homes on our rural van round, families should continue to use their bag and recycling box.