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I need to let you know that someone has passed away

If you have not yet registered the death, you don't need to report anything to us using this website.

The registrar will collect all relevant details and send them on to a number of different agencies, including the council. This process is called  'Tell us Once'.

If you have already registered the death, but chose not to use Tell us Once, please complete the form below.

Once the form has been completed, we will send a closing bill out. 

When you don't pay Council Tax

If you're selling an empty property on behalf of an owner who's died, you only start paying Council Tax 6 months after you get probate.

An exemption will be applied from the date of death, up until probate is granted. Once this happens, an additional 6 month exemption is awarded. If the ownership of the property transfers during this time, the liability then transfers to the new owner and the exemption ends.