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Staffordshire Moorlands Growth (loan) Fund

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council has approved the principle of creating a Growth (loan) Fund to support the delivery of our Regeneration Framework to help maintain the District as a desirable location for investment.

This fund is not a grant but is an investment fund which can be accessed as a loan, equity funding or other investment vehicle, for larger capital projects across the District. The Staffordshire Moorlands Growth fund can be used alongside other sources of funding including grants subject to State Aid rules.


Projects should be commercially viable and meet the criteria (see below). Typical projects might include;

  • servicing and development of industrial land
  • development of start-up employment units
  • significant expansion or relocation of business
  • investment to bring forward mixed use development schemes

Type of Funding available

The Council will consider whatever form of support is most appropriate. The funding should represent the minimum required to bring forward the scheme. Support may include;

  • Capital purchase and development.
  • Loan to third party
  • Equity investment/Joint venture
  • Underwriting investment
  • Transfer of land or assets
  • Co-funding
  • Land exchange

The Council will wish to maximise value-for-money and will normally seek a return on investment made with a view to recycling receipts in the medium and longer term.


Projects are assessed against the following criteria;

  • Deliverability (including ownership, planning approvals)
  • Match Funding (private sector leverage)
  • Value for money.

Schemes should meet either or both of the identified outputs which include:

  • New or refurbished floorspace,
  • Jobs created or safeguarded.

Other factors to be taken into account will include design and sustainability standards and the track record of the proposed project developer.

Staffordshire Moorlands Growth (loan) Fund application form [111KB]