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Building regulations application

  1. Building Regulation Application
    1. Applicant contact details
      1. Please ensure you enter your email address if you require a confirmation receipt
    2. Agent contact details (If applicable)
    3. Site details (which work relates to)
    4. Conditions/Additional Information
      1. All applications for extensions or new buildings should be accompanied by a location plan indicating the site or property where the work will take place, and the location of the extension. Please upload the relevant information using the upload option below. If sending multiple files they may need to be placed in a compressed zip file.
      2. This notice is given in relation to the building work as described, and is submitted in accordance with Regulation 12(2) and is accompanied by the appropriate charge. Applications not commenced within 3 years of submission will be cancelled and a new application required. I understand that further charges will be payable following the first inspection by the Local Authority