Council Committee Meetings & Membership

The vast majority of meetings are open to the public, although you may be asked to leave the room towards the end if there are confidential items on the Agenda.  Committee agendas, reports and minutes are available to view on our website.

Full Council

All councillors are members of Full Council.  Functions of Full Council include agreement of the budget and major policies that govern the way services are provided.  Councillors may ask questions to members of the Cabinet or Chairs of Committees on any matter in relation to which the Council has powers or duties or which affects the District.  Questions should be given in writing to the Council’s Monitoring Officer two clear working days before the Full Council Meeting.

Overview & Scrutiny Panels

The Council has three Overview & Scrutiny Panels that review and scrutinise decisions of the Cabinet, help to develop Council policies and review the work of other public bodies in the area.

Resources Overview & Scrutiny Panel

Service Delivery Overview & Scrutiny Panel

  • The delivery of council services including environment, planning (including development and property)
  • Housing and regeneration
  • Culture (arts, leisure, sport, parks, countryside, tourism)
  • Overview and scrutiny of the portfolio(s) covering regeneration, environment, culture, leisure and planning, development and property
  • Comprising 19 elected SMDC Councillors
  • Chair - Cllr. Neal Podmore
  • Vice-Chair - Cllr. Chris Wood
  • Members - Cllr. Julie Bull, Cllr.Jim Davies, Cllr. Becky Done, Cllr. Stephen Ellis, Cllr. Ben Emery, Cllr. Keith Flunder, Cllr. Ian Herdman, Cllr. Gail Lockett, Cllr. Margaret Lovatt, Cllr. Ivor Lucas, Cllr. Tony McNicol, Cllr. Dani Ogden, Cllr. John Redfern, Cllr. Paul Roberts, Cllr. Hilda Sheldon, Cllr. Ross Ward, Cllr. Pam Wood.

Health Overview & Scrutiny Panel

  • Health - scrutiny of health service provision
  • Contributing to the work of the County Council's Health Scrutiny Panel (which has overall responsibility for health scrutiny)
  • Comprising 19 elected SMDC Councillors
  • Chair - Cllr. Barbara Hughes
  • Vice-Chair - Cllr. John Jones
  • Members - Cllr. Richard Alcock, Cllr. Charlotte Atkins, Cllr. Elsie Fallows, Cllr. Ian Herdman, Cllr. Ian Lawson, Cllr. Linda Lea, Cllr. Gail Lockett, Cllr. Linda Malyon, Cllr. Tony McNicol, Cllr. Dani Ogden, Cllr. Colin Pearce, Cllr. Robert Plant, Cllr. John Redfern, Cllr. Teresa Riley, Cllr. Hilda Sheldon, Cllr. Jeanette Walley, Cllr. Pam Wood.

Community Overview & Scrutiny Panel

  • Democratic and community engagement
  • Equalities and diversity
  • Sustainability & climate change
  • Community safety
  • The Council’s Community Leadership Scheme
  • Locality working
  • The councillor call for action
  • The Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) and other partnerships.
  • The commissioning/delivery of services by Staffordshire County Council, parish/town councils and the voluntary/third sector.
  • Comprising 19 elected SMDC Councillors
  • Chair - Cllr. Alan Banks
  • Vice-Chair - Cllr. Tony McNicol
  • Members - Cllr. Charlotte Atkins, Cllr. Julie Bull, Cllr. Stephen Ellis, Cllr. Elsie Fallows, Cllr. Deb Grocott, Cllr. Andrew Hart, Cllr. Barbara Hughes, Cllr. Kevin Jackson, Cllr. Peter Jackson, Cllr. Linda Lea, Cllr.Madelaine Lovatt, Cllr. Linda Malyon, Cllr. Colin Pearce, Cllr. John Redfern, Cllr. Teresa Riley, Cllr. David Shaw, and Cllr. Pam Wood.

Licensing & Regulatory Committee

  • To determine, impose, amend or modify any condition, limitation or other restriction on an approval, consent, licence, permission or registration granted
  • To determine enforcement action for failure to comply with the above
  • To make recommendations to Council on certain election functions
  • Comprising 12 elected SMDC Councillors
  • Chair - Cllr. Julie Bull
  • Vice-Chair - Cllr. Paul Roberts
  • Members - Cllr. Becky Done, Cllr. Deb Grocott, Cllr. Barbara Hughes, Cllr. Peter Jackson, Cllr. Brian Johnson, Cllr. Madelaine Lovatt, Cllr. Margaret Lovatt, Cllr. Ivor Lucas, Cllr. Robert Plant, Cllr. David Shaw.

Planning Applications Committee

Standards Committee

  • Considers issues relating to councillors, including protocol, conduct, training and financial allowances, following a recommendation from an independent panel
  • Comprising 7 elected SMDC Councillors and 2 co-opted Parish Councillors. An Independant Person and 2 substitute Independent Persons are invited to observe the meetings
  • Chair - Cllr. Elsie Fallows
  • Vice-Chair - Cllr. Tony Hall
  • SMDC Members - Cllr. Geoff Bond, Cllr. Julie Bull, Cllr. Ian Lawson, Cllr. Ivor Lucas, Cllr. Chris Wood.
  • Parish Representatives - Cllr. David Fowler, Cllr. Christine Meyrick. Substitute -Cllr. Neil Plant.
  • Independent Person - Mr. Harry Mawdsley. Substitutes - Mr. Philip Brough, Mr. Barry Steans.

Audit & Accounts Committee

  • Oversees the audit and corporate governance functions of the Council including financial accounts, treasury and risk management
  • Provides assurance regarding the drawing up, auditing and certification of the Council's annual accounts
  • Comprising 5 elected SMDC Councillors and 2 Co-opted Parish Representatives. The Independent Persons who observe the Council's Standards Committee are also invited to observe this Committee
  • Chair - Cllr. Jim Davies
  • Vice-Chair - Cllr. Tony Hall
  • SMDC Members - Cllr. Becky Done, Cllr. Deb Grocott, Cllr. Kevin Jackson, Cllr. Colin Pearce.
  • Parish Representatives - Cllr. David Fowler, Cllr Christine Meyrick. Substitute - Cllr. Neil Plant.
  • Independent Members - Mr. Philip Brough, Mr. Harry Mawdsley, Mr. Barry Steans.

Moorlands Partnership Board

To consider matters related to environmental improvements including:-

  • Promotion of environmental enhancements
  • Promotion of private and commercial sponsorship of projects
  • Formulation, administration and implementation of enhancement schemes and to offer grant aid to secure them
  • Promotion of good shop front design
  • Comprising of 11 elected SMDC Councillors, 1 elected Staffordshire County Councillor, 1 elected Town Councillor from Biddulph, Cheadle and Leek, 3 members of the Parish Assembly and 1 representative from each of the 3 Chambers of Trade from Biddulph, Cheadle and Leek
  • SMDC Members - Cllr. Sybil Ralphs (Chair), Cllr. Hilda Sheldon (Vice-Chair), Cllr. Richard Alcock, Cllr. Alan Banks, Cllr. Elsie Fallows, Cllr. Arthur Forrester, Cllr. Andrew Hart, Cllr. Tony McNicol, Cllr. Teresa Riley, Cllr. Edwin Wain.

Local Plan Steering Group

  • Comprising 12 elected SMDC Councillors
  • The Local Development Framework is a set of planning documents which influences how and where development will take place in those areas of the District outside of the Park District National Park.  All planning applications have to be determined in accordance with the documents in the LDF as well as national planning guidance.  The key documents in the LDF are the Core Strategy, which sets out the strategy and policies over the next 15 to 20 years, and the Site Allocations document, which designates areas for development and protection – together these make up the Local Plan for the area.
  • Chair - Cllr. David Trigger
  • Vice-Chair - Cllr. Tony McNicol
  • Members - Cllr. Alan Banks, Cllr. Julie Bull, Cllr. Jim Davies, Cllr. Norma Hawkins, Cllr. Ian Herdman, Cllr. Margaret Lovatt, Cllr. Linda Malyon, Cllr. John Redfern, Cllr. David Shaw, Cllr. Chris Wood.

Last updated: 1st October 2015

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