How we deal with planning applications

Applications have to be legally valid, include clear plans, and be accompanied by the correct fee. The Validation Guidance document sets out which documents are required to accompany planning applications.

Parish or Town Councils, neighbours adjoining the site, and other relevant organisations are consulted. Site and press notices may also be displayed or published as set out in the document at the end of this page.

A planning officer will visit the site and, once the consultation period has closed, prepare a report considering all observations received and relevant planning policies. Planning policies include the Local Plan and Supplementary Planning Documents as well as the National Planning Policy Framework and National Planning Policy Guidance.

More than 90% of applications can be clearly decided against planning policies and these are determined by senior council officers. Major applications and those that are contentious or finely balanced may be decided by elected Councillors at the Development Control Committee which you can attend.

The majority of planning applications are dealt with in less than 8 weeks but the more complicated can take 13 weeks, or more in a minority of cases.

To view current planning applications, or to comment on planning applications, go to the 'Search for a planning application' section.

Last updated: 10th July 2015

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