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Welcome to our new planning application system

We now have a brand new planning application system which allows you to carry out planning application searches and leave comments in the usual way.

Click on the link below to begin your search:

Search for a planning application here

Further information

Please be aware that there may be some delays with the processing of new planning applications due to the changeover.  However, we aim to catch up with these as soon as possible and thank you for your patience during this time.  Feedback on our new planning system can be sent to

Problems with Internet Explorer

Please note that our planning application system (Public Access) will only work properly with Internet Explorer versions 5.5 to 9.

If you have recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 10 you will be unable to access this. 

Please follow these simple instructions to work round this:

Above, you will see a broken box symbol. If you click on this, it changes to blue. The web page should then work and you should be able to access the planning application system.

Weekly list

The weekly list provides a list of all the planning applications either validated or decided by the local authority in a given week.

Last updated: 14th March 2014

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