Meetings, agendas and minutes

All meetings listed below are open to the public unless confidential or exempt matters are due to be discussed .  These instances will be indicated on the agenda for the meeting.  Venues of meetings can sometimes change and will be confirmed when the meeting agenda is published (at least 5 clear days before the meeting takes place).

There is no requirement to ask permission to record a Council meeting.  However, the Council advises any person wishing to do so to let staff know in advance so that all necessary arrangements can be made.  Any person can provide written commentary during a meeting, as well as oral commentary outside or after the meeting. It is not permitted for oral commentary to be provided during a meeting as this would be disruptive to the good order of the meeting.  The Council requests that the public gallery is not filmed and that people respect the wishes of members of the public who wish to speak at a meeting but do not wish to be filmed. The Council has produced a guidance document for the recording of meetings (available to view below).

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Last updated: 21st May 2015

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