Meetings, agendas and minutes

Where can I find previous minutes?

Previous Meeting Minutes can be viewed via the dropdown list and the bottom of the page. Please select the relevant committee first and which year you are looking for – this will then filter to show the relevant list of previous minutes.

When is the next meeting?

The schedule of future meetings can by found as a link at the bottom of the page. By clicking this link a PDF will open in a separate window showing the dates of all future committee meetings. For more information on venues and times of meetings please contact Members Services via email  – alternatively when an agenda is published this will include the location of the meeting and the times.

Who can attend the meetings?

All meetings listed below are open to the public unless confidential or exempt matters are due to be discussed .  These instances will normally be indicated on the agenda for the meeting. The Council requests that the public gallery is not filmed and that people respect the wishes of members of the public who wish to speak at a meeting but do not wish to be filmed. The Council has produced a guidance document for the recording of meetings (available to view below).

Any person can provide written commentary during a meeting, as well as oral commentary outside or after the meeting. It is not permitted for oral commentary to be provided during a meeting as this would be disruptive to the good order of the meeting.

Who sits on each committee?

Click here to view more details of committee members and who chairs each of these meetings.


Please select a committee.

Web Casting

This page contains information on meetings available for viewing via our web casting service.

Last updated: 24th August 2016

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